Make Me a Million



Voiceover (not known)


Mentors: Chris Gorman, Emma Harrison, Ivan Massow


RDF Television for Channel 4, 8 November to ? 2005


Ho-hum cross-breed of Dragons' Den and Risking It All. Our three mentors chose a business idea to back - a diet company, one selling dust mite-free beds and one flogging natural shampoo for kids.

While it got off to an OK start, the whole thing whimpered out extremely quickly. There was none of the drama of the Den and both the mentors and the protégés struggled to shrug off the business cliches of hyperbole and sales fluff. The nearest we got to any real drama was some leaking bottles.

In the end, the kids' shampoo company - Halos n Horns - was valued at £9m and adjudged the winner by a panel of experts. It was a fair result, but a very unexciting climax to what could have been a good series.


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