Mark Nyman




Countdown (contestant, 1983, 86, 90; producer & adjudicator, 1990-2002)

TV Scrabble (producer)


Past Scrabble UK Champion and the World Champion in 1993, Nyman is most certainly a man of letters. Countdown's first Champion of Champions with many other wins under his belt, he was invited to work on the programme's production team while he was still a university student and he helped produce the show for 13 years. He is now said to be setting up a TV formats company.


His first trip into Dictionary Corner was something of a happy accident. The booked guest, Ned Sherrin, had got his dates mixed up and didn't show. The producer John Meade twisted Mark's arm to appear in his place until Ned showed up. Enjoying the experience, Mark went onto the roster of dictionary experts.

Books / Tapes

Countdown: Everything You Want to Know

Countdown Puzzle Mountain

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