Mend It for Money



Voiceover: Tom Allen

More4 reversions: Matt Baker


Chalkboard Television for Channel 4, 13 April 2020 to 26 February 2021 (pilot + 20 episodes in 1 series)


The Repair Shop with a competition element. On this show, people bring items they want to sell to a restorers' workshop. Two experts analyse it, and then each offers to buff it up for a share of the eventual sale price. The bulk of the show follows the repair process, and the eventual result. Of particular appeal if you're into BBC1's The Repair Shop and Find It Fix It Flog It.


The pilot episode aired on 13 April 2020 at 8pm, with a full series following in February 2021 at 5pm. Bizarrely, no attempt was made to social distance despite the show being shot during the COVID-19 pandemic; some sellers were informed of their item's sale via laptops, and a few more items went on online auctions but that's about it. A series of reversions aired from 9 September 2021 at 9pm on More4 with Matt Baker narrating instead; these lasted two episodes before being pulled.

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