Mind Your Manners



Mrs. Harbord and Mrs. Shrager


RDF Television West for Channel 4, 16 May to ? 2005


A rather humourless competitive manifestation of TV's current obsession with telling kids (and working class adults) how to behave. Two families are taught manners by a pair of stuck-up old c... er, "etiquette experts" and the family that manages to live by the rules best (while the cameras are around) wins a dinner service. There's also a prize for the most improved individual, which is - astoundingly - a framed photo of the Mistresses Harbord and Shrager. Token prizes for taking part are all very well, but that's just insulting.

Key moments

In the final episode, the two families finally met and got on like a house on fire - mainly because everyone involved completely ignored everything they'd been taught.


The hosts' full names are Rosemary Shrager and Gill Harbord, but they were only credited on the show as Mrs. Shrager and Mrs. Harbord.

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