My Camp Rock



JK and Joel (2009)

Sarah Jane Crawford and Nigel Clarke (2010)


Vocal coach: Zoe Tyler (2009), John Modi (2010)

Choreographer: Gary Lloyd (2009), Beth Honan (2010)


Unique Television for Disney Channel, 3 April 2009 to 10 September 2010 (9 episodes in 2 series)


Talented youngsters film themselves performing songs from the Disney original movie Camp Rock. The best eight go forward to a song-and-dance workshop, similar to the one featured in the Disney original movie Camp Rock. Professional vocal coaches and choreographers help them to hone their talent, and they're taken on trips to build their confidence - one series featured busking in Covent Garden, another had a mock press interview.

Each of the contestants performs for the judges at a "Camp jam", and the best four return for the "Final jam", broadcast live. The prize for the winner was to record a professional music video of their favourite song from the Disney original movie Camp Rock.


2009: Holly-Anne Hull
2010: Shannon Saunders


Versions of the show were also made for Disney channels in Spain, the Benelux countries, and Scandinavia.

Series 1 finalist Jessica Hammond appeared on The Voice UK in 2012, being outsung in the battle rounds by Vince Kidd.

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