My Little Princess



Terry Mynott (voice-over)


James Godwin, Mark Sealey, Louise Taylor, Dr David Lewis


Mad Monk and IWC Media (a Zodiak Media company) for E4, 25 February to 23 April 2013 (9 episodes in 1 series)


To quote the E4 press office, "eight single young princes will enter a mystical fairytale kingdom to battle it out to win the heart of one lucky princess. But first they've got to complete a series of insane physical and mental challenges set by the most fearsome man in the land, the princess's overprotective dad."

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Gary Monaghan, responsible for Banzai and Hercules.

Title music

"Airbrushed" by Amanaguchi. This being a Gary Monaghan programme, it features snippets of overblown music throughout, and credits Karen Spearing as Music Supervisor.


Filmed at Ingatestone Hall and Herstmonceux Castle.

The first episode aired at 10pm on Monday, opposite Charlie Brooker's well-regarded Black Mirror on Channel 4, and had a very small audience. Things didn't improve for the second episode, so the schedules were amended. The last six episodes were shifted to that oh-so-well-regarded slot of 1 o'clock on Tuesday morning.

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