Pen Campau



Nic Parry


Sports Media Services for S4C, 2007/8 (31 programmes)


A early evening knockout tournament involving 32 Welsh-speaking schools from across the country as they are tested on their sporting knowledge.

Not much to be said about it but the questions asked in the show are interesting. Participants are asked things like Name 3 Liverpool players who have won the Premiership? and Which country were crowned One Day World Cup Cricket champions in 1983?. If a programme like Sportsround held a quiz, we would hear questions such as What is the name given to a score in a football match?.


The series started with a quite unnecessary preview programme featuring preliminary exams to find pupils for the show and sporting personalities revisiting their old schools.

A set of three specials featuring sporting personalities representing their old schools was broadcast in between Round 1 and 2 of the series.


Pen Campau website


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