Quentin Willson




Britain's Worst

Britain's Worst Driver

Strictly Come Dancing (contestant, series 2)


Oft-misspelt suave ex-Top Gear presenter, used car salesman and motoring journalist. He studied an English Literature degree in his home town of Leicester before entering the motor trade. Noted for his slickback hair style and laconic in-the-know presenting manner. If he can't save you £250 on a Ford Cortina, no-one can.


By his own admission, the worst ever contestant on Strictly Come Dancing.

Went to the same school as Richard Attenborough (Wyggeston Boys School), though presumably not at the same time.


c/o MEZZO, Sycamore House, Hungarton, Leicester, LE7 9JR

Books / Tapes

Quentin Willson's Cool Cars (paperback)

The Ultimate Classic Car Book (hardback)

Cars: A Celebration (hardback)

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