Quiz Kid



Alan Freeman (1975-7)

David Jensen (1977-9)


BBC Radio 1, 10 January 1975 to 10 June 1979


Pop music quiz with various rounds including buzzing in when recognising a current song, identifying various artists singing the same song all segued together, and a general buzzer round about pop general knowledge.


The Freeman-era shows were recorded at youth clubs around the country, and acknowledged the assistance of the NAYC (National Association of Youth Clubs) and NABC (National Association of Boys' Clubs).

We're guessing this show may have inspired Jethro Tull's classic musical dissection of quiz culture, Quizz Kid ("brain cells splattered on the walls of encyclopaedic knowledge / may be barbaric but it's fun.")

A Champion-of-Champions match was broadcast on Christmas Day 1977 (this was the first episode hosted by David Jensen), and on Boxing Day 1978 there was a special with the 76, 77 and 78 champions playing as a team against Radio 1 DJs Paul Gambaccini, Andy Peebles and Mike Read.


1975 Gareth Symes
1976 Alan Colgan
1977 Brian Kotz
1978 Angela Wooster
1979 unknown

See also

The show's short-lived 1980 replacement, Musicology.


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