Race Across the World



John Hannah (voiceover)


BBC Two, 28 February 2019 to present


Couples are challenged to get from London to Singapore. They're given the air fare in cash.

Easy, just go to the airport and buy a ticket, right? Wrong - they're not allowed to fly. Overland transport only.

OK, whack it all on the credit card, right? Nope - they're not allowed to use any money other than the initial air fare.

Er, ring up someone and ask for a lift? Nada - there are no mobile phones.

First to Singapore wins a cash prize, and (presumably) a flight home. From the publicity, we suspect this will be as much about the relationships as about the travel.

This programme has not yet aired. A full review will appear here after broadcast.


The series had a 5-minute preview at 10.25 on Thursday evening. Episodes went out at 9pm on Sunday evenings from 3 March.

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