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Mark Speight


Court jesters: "See" (Natasha Collins, 1999; Kate Crossley, 2000-1) and "Saw" (Philip Fox)

Supporting cast included Sylvester McCoy and Julia Binsted


Brechin for BBC One, 6 January 1999 to 26 March 2001 (39 episodes in 3 series + 8 specials)


It's essentially a reworking of Jigsaw for the fin de siecle.

File:Seeitsawit natashacollins markspeight group.jpgNatasha Collins, Mark Speight and Philip Fox

Mark "Scratchy" Speight plays a bungling king accompanied by two jesters, See and Saw. There follows a selection of sketches and miscellaneous messing-about with the king and jesters, interspersed with some other comedy sketches.

File:Seeitsawit natashacollins.jpgSee her: Natasha Collins
File:Seeitsawit saw philipfox.jpgSaw him: Philip Fox
File:Seeitsawit king.jpgStand up: Mark Speight

After each comedy sketch the king asks an observation question, with two possible answers. You take the initial letter of the correct answer from each of the four sketches to build up a four-letter word. The main gimmick is that the audience, made up of probably about 100 kids - a year from a school? - are sitting on a giant see-saw contraption.

File:Seeitsawit chamberlain sylvestermccoy.jpgA heavily made-up Sylvester McCoy as the Chamberlain

The kids get the chance to answer some of the questions as well - leaning or shuffling to their left if they think one of the answers is correct, leaning or shuffling to their right if they think the other answer is correct. The see-saw then either sees or saws according to the majority decision.

The incredibly convincing medieval set

It's quite clever, official, and that's about it. No real game in-studio, but viewers at home can write in with the correct word to win a T-shirt or something.

File:Seeitsawit jesters.jpgNo change.


Mark: Did you see it? Audience: Saw it!!


A Clive Doig creation, although in the end credits, Julia Doig gets a credit for the idea (as a wild guess, she would have thought of the see-saw gimmick?)

File:Seeitsawit juliadoig.jpgJulia Doig


Mark Speight met his fiancee, jester Natasha Collins, on the programme. However, she died of a drugs overdose in their London flat in January 2008, and tragically Mark took his own life the following April.

File:Collins natasha.jpgNatasha Collins

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File:Seeitsawit king2.jpgThe king sits on his throne...
File:Seeitsawit natashacollins2.jpg...and he "sees" a jester sitting on a giant stool...
File:Seeitsawit natashacollins3.jpg...looking gloomy and...gloomy.


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