Nic Ayling


Cynthia Sundae (Lucy Benjamin)


The Media Merchants in association with Warner Bros. International Television Distribution and Meridian for ITV, 6 January to 27 April 1996 (17 episodes in 1 series, as part of Telegantic Megavision)


Remember the Gunk Dunk from Get Your Own Back? That was always the climax and the highlight of the show. Now, what I'd like you to do is to just use that part of the show and pad it out over three segments as part of the one hour pre-recorded Saturday morning show Telegantic Megavision.

A kid nominates a grown up for a crime that's usually quite silly and the grown up then has to choose which one of the three foods on the menu they would have to sit under as well as selecting a sauce to be covered in. They would then be asked three questions and they have to get all three correct, if they get at least one wrong, they get gunged.

Filled with sounds effects galore of farts and burps, the show (and Telegantic Megavision) was not missed and was axed in favour of another series of Scratchy and Co.


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