Spook Squad



Prof. Rupert Macabre (Andrew Pepper)


Lord Alfred Macabre (Ford Kiernan)


BBC Scotland for BBC One, 6 January to 30 March 2004 (13 episodes in 1 series)


Three children play three games for the chance to become members of the Spook Squad. For those of you who have seen Scary Sleepover, this is worse. Much worse. For each game they win they get plasm, which gives them clues in the end game.

The range of games isn't bad: there are a couple of physical games - mazes and bits - and a few memory games, all introduced by rhymes from the master ghost. They aren't actually any good, but... the third game is in... The Dungeon. One of the children has to go down into a cage and get locked in. They then have to find the keys and get the hell out of there, with the aforementioned plasm.

At the end they have to go to the room the episode's Ghost died in and find the item the Ghost wants before the ghoul grabs it. The plasm takes the place of letters so for example earning 5 of 9 plasm would mean the final game would look a bit like this: B _ A C _ B _ L _ , to which the answer is Black Ball, made easier by the fact they know the Ghost was a Snooker Player. Although, the End Game sounds easy, usually one in three teams didn't get it.

This appears to have been from some of the same production crew as the fan favourite Raven but this show didn't really have the same sense of challenge and therefore was found wanting, somewhat.

Theme music

Gregor Philp


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