Stake Out (1)



Anthony Davis


Challenge TV, 12 November 2001 to 21 December 2001 (30 episodes in 1 series)


Quiz show where people apparently staked £250 of their own money (which was then matched by Challenge, although reports suggest that they discovered asking people to stake their own money wasn't legal quite late in the day and they put up all the money) in order to play. If other people "backed" the player by lending him the money, they would watch the proceedings from the gantry.

A very good idea to pose in front of the logo.

Four individuals played. After an opening round which gave our players the opportunity to win some more money from the bank £300 a question as we recall split equally amongst people who got the multiple choice question correct), subsequent rounds had the sole aim of trying to bankrupt your opponents by taking their money, whether that be by dueling against them over a category choice or taking everyone elses money in a general knowledge buzzer quiz where the stakes were raised with each question. Winners would win over £2,000 a game and could return up to five times, reinvesting £250 a go.


The Chatterbox Partnership


According to former contestants of the show, the idea ran into legal problems and the producers ended up stumping up the stake money for all the contestants instead.


File:Anthony davis larger.jpgIt's that man again.
File:Stake out 2.jpgOr to put it in perspective, a bad day's prize money on Weakest Link
File:Stakeout aaargh.jpgWe're guessing whatever's just happened wasn't good
It's that...oh, forget it.

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