Street Striker



Voiceover: Natalie B


Wayne Rooney

Football Consultants: Andy Ansah (all series) and Sue Smith (2008-9)


Plum Pictures for Sky 1, 30 November 2008 to 5 December 2010 (10 episodes in 3 series)


24 young footballers (100 in the third series) compete against each other in a series of six tasks designed to test their football skills. These tasks take place in a variety of urban settings from multi-storey car parks to petrol stations. Each task requires the contestants to display a number of skills from dribbling around obstacles, to heading, to striking targets with the ball. At the end of each task, Wayne Rooney, together with his football consultants, decide which which contestants will progress and which will be eliminated. This process continues until there are only three contestants left to take part in the final challenge. After this, and following a final discussion with his football consultants, a winner is declared.

In the first series, the winner won a trip to a soccer training camp in Brazil, while the winner of the second series received a trip to the 2010 World Cup Final in South Africa, as well as joining Wayne for the British leg of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour. The third series saw the winner travel with professional football freestyler John Farnworth to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to see street football projects, before getting a chance to showcase their skills during half-time at a Boca Juniors match.


2008 Travis Beckford
2009 Ashleigh Goddard
2010 Ricky Collins


Sponsored and funded by Coke Zero. In fact, as we understand it, the whole concept of the show came from their marketing people.

Coke Zero and Wayne Rooney mutually decided to end their relationship in 2010, thereby ending the series.

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