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Sub Zero Live on BBC-2 at 10.55am every Sunday from 21st February

Science fiction becomes reality in Sub Zero, CBBC's new interactive game show. Set in an underground post millennial bunker, CBBC's newest recruits, Robin Banks (ex Virgin DJ) and Jemma James direct studio contestants (including celebrity guests) and home players to a variety of computer, internet and technology challenges.

Viewers participation is vital to the show which features the ultimate battle of the sexes. Two studio teams, the XX Zeroids (girls), and XY Zeroids (boys), battle-it-out live in a series of high-tech quests. The teams can not complete their tasks single-handed they need viewers help on-line, on the phone, by e-mail or Royal mail. Only one team can win and failure results in the losing team being banished to the cryogenic chamber - for the big freeze, where the temperature is Sub Zero.

For the first time ever on British television Sub Zero will link up to Internet cafes around the country for a knock-out Internet quiz using web video conferencing software. Not only will viewers hear the contestants they'll also see them (and their supporters) live via web-cams all over the UK from Belfast to Brighton, Cardiff to Cornwall, Guernsey to Glasgow.

Sub Zero is the first time a UK show will use the BBC's unique 3D virtual studio for an adventure game. Each week a studio contestant will be guided "blind" round a virtual chamber by a phone contestant. Their job - to collaborate to solve a series of real and virtual clues.

Marc Goodchild, Sub Zero's producer says: "Viewer participation is essential to Sub Zero, and viewers are already helping us, 12 year-old Edward Stevenson from Dorchester suggested the programme name. It was one of many e-mailed by children across the country to the CBBC website."

The show isn't just about game-play, each week Sub Zero will be setting an Internet treasure hunt leading children to some of the most exciting and informative sites on the 'Net. During the show two super-sleuth 'Net Detectives will have to piece all the clues together with a little help from viewers who can phone-in with their hints, and take part in the live CBBC chat.

With a host of individual prizes on offer, there is no excuse for viewers not to participate. Those who do not have computers at home still have plenty of ways to get involved, they can take part in the Remote Retrieval System by directing a remote controlled robot around the studio using a telephone number keypad, or try cracking the Zeroid pincode to gain extra points for their team.

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