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A guide to game shows for the nine days commencing Saturday 18 November 2006

New and notable this week:

Raven (CBBC, 5.30 weekdays)

You know it's nearing Christmas when the tournament of Raven begins.

Globetrotting (BBC7, 12.30 and 7.30 Wednesday)

Here's how old it is: a travel quiz hosted by GLR breakfast host Gideon Coe. He's been on 6 Music for five years, and GLR was abolished in 2000.

The full listings

Saturday 18 November

0810CBBS The Shiny Show (also 1410)
1100Rad5 Fighting Talk (also R Scotland)
1103RUls The Blame Game
1400CBBC Raven: The Island
1600CITV Jungle Run
1615S4C Deal or No Deal
1750ITV Millionaire
1800BBC1 Strictly Come DancingAnd 2135. CAUTION: Contains Michael Bolton.
1850ITV X FactorAnd 2050.
2000ITV All-Star Family Fortunes (TV3 1930)Jean-Christophe Novelli v David Dickinson
2000BBC1 One Against One Hundred
2025RTE1 Winning Streak
2100 G2 QI night Special
2125ITV I'm a Celeb
2255BBC2 QI
2300Rad4 Brain of Britain

Sunday 19

0810CBBS The Shiny Show (also 1410)
1105ITV2 Millionaire
1145Mor4 CodexA repeat of last Sunday's hunt in Mesopotamia.
1204Rad4 ISIHAC
1210ITV2 Family Fortunes
1340 C4 Unanimous
1400CBBC Raven: The Island
1600CITV Jungle Run
1700Mor4 Deal or No Deal
1710ITV Family Fortunes
1750 C4 Deal or No Deal
1800LIV So You Think You Can Dance
1835 C4 CodexTony Robinson and his team are going round Imperial Rome.
1900SKY1 Cirque de Celebritée
2100 G2 QI night Special
2100ITV I'm a Celebrity
2130BBC2 Buzzcocks


0900DISC Scrapheap Challenge
1000DSCI Scrapheap Challenge (also 1300, 1700)
1025TV5M La cible
1030Mor4 Countdown (approx time)26 October - 1 November.
1115Mor4 Deal or No Deal (approx time)
1130BBC1 Bargain hunt New!
1232TV5M Des Chiffres et des Lettres
1400ITV The Price is Right
1400CBBC Raven (also 1730)
1430ITV Dickinson's Real Deal
1530 C4 Countdown (S4C 1510, C4 rpt about 58 hours later)Ricky Tomlinson.
1615 C4 RTS Daytime Show Of the Year Deal or No Deal (S4C 1425, Mor4 1115 and 1805 next day)
1700ITV The Price is Right
1715BBC2 The Weakest Link (1710 We-Fr)
1730CBBC Raven (also 1400) New!
1730ITV I'm A Celebrity Extra (not Mo)
1800BBC2 Sudo-Q (Scot not Th)
1830BBC2 Strictly Come Dancing (Scot not Th)
1830 C5 In The Grid
1900BBC3 The Apprentice USA (not Mo, Fr)
2000FTN Fort Boyard
2100ITV I'm A Celebrity (also TV3; Tu 2145; Th 2000 and 2200)

Monday 20

1230BBC7 ISIHAC (also 1930)
1330Rad4 Brain of Britain 2006Heat 12: Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. This is their answer to the West Lothian question.
1830Rad4 I'm Sorry I Haven't A ClueJeremy Hardy in Southport.
2030BBC2 University Challenge (not 2W) BackR1: Warwick v Emmanuel Cambridge
2200BBC2 Have I Got News For You (not NI)In a classic episode, Evan Davis and David Mitchell ask questions, and Des Lynam asks them. Expect another Des to take the chair after the Picture Spin Quiz.
2200LIV Jade's Pa

Tuesday 21

1230BBC7 The News Quiz (also 1930)

Wednesday 22

0435ITV The Jules and Lulu ShowWith signing for the hard of hearing.
1230BBC7 Globetrotting (also 1930) New!
1630ITV Jungle Run
2000LIV Break With the Boss

Thursday 23

1230BBC7 Just a Minute (also 1930)
1630ITV Jungle Run
2200BBC2 Never Mind the Buzzcocks (NI 2320)Guests include Live And Kicking's John Barrowman.

Friday 24

1230BBC7 Who Goes There?
1655BBC1 The Slammer
1700TOON Skatoony
1900BBC1 A Question of Sport Back
2000SKY1 Football Icon
2000 C4 Unanonemous (S4C 2330)Still airing? Don't bother watching the episode before.
2002RTE1 Buille Faoi Thuairim
2100BBC1 Have I Got News For You BackHost and guests to be confirmed.
2200BBC2 QI (not 2W)The next episode airs on BBC4 at 2230.
2200 C4 8 Out of 10 Cats (S4C 2300)
2250BBC1 The Blame Game (NI only) New!

Saturday 25 (provisional)

0810CBBSThe Shiny Show (also 1410)
1100Rad5 Fighting Talk (also R Scotland)
1103RUls The Blame Game
1200LIV The Amazing Race New!
1400CBBC Raven: The Island
1600CITV Jungle Run
1615S4C Deal or No Deal
1740ITV Millionaire
1755BBC1 Strictly Come DancingAnd 2130.
1825ITV X FactorAnd 2045.
1955ITV All-Star Family Fortunes (TV3 1930)Lee Ryan v Melinda Messenger
1950BBC1 In It to Win It New!
2025RTE1 Winning Streak
2120ITV I'm a Celeb
2300Rad4 Brain of Britain
2355BBC2 QI

Sunday 26 (provisional)

0810CBBS The Shiny Show (also 1410)
1100ITV2 Millionaire
1204Rad4 ISIHAC
1150ITV2 Family Fortunes
1210Mor4 Codex
1345 C4 Unanonemous
1400CBBC Raven: The Island
1500S4C Codex New!Viewers in Wales finally get a chance to see.
1600CITV Jungle Run
1700Mor4 Deal or No Deal
1710ITV Family Fortunes
1755 C4 Deal or No Deal
1840 C4 CodexThis week, the teams come face to face with the Elgin Marbles.
1900SKY1 Cirque de Celebritée
2100ITV I'm a Celebrity
2130BBC2 Buzzcocks



0700Takeshi x4
0900The Crystal Maze
1000Catchphrase x3
1130Price is Right x3
1300Millionaire x2
1500Family Fortunes x3
1630Play Your Cards Right x2
1800Bullseye x8


As Saturday until

1630Roller Jam
1700Fear Factor x5
2200as Saturday

Monday - Friday

0900Family Fortunes x2
1000Price is Right x2
1100Play Your Cards Right x2
1300Take It or Leave It
1430Family Fortunes
1500Weakest Link
1600Eggheads x2
1700Takeshi x2
1800Fear Factor
1900Crystal Maze
2000Take It or Leave It

Channel abbreviations:

AONEAdventure One
BBC1BBC1 (Network unless otherwise noted)
BBC2BBC2 (Network unless otherwise noted)
2W BBC2 Wales digital service
BBC7BBC7 (Radio)
C5 Five
DHL Discovery Home and Leisure
DSCIDiscovery Science
ITV ITV (Network unless otherwise noted)
LIV UK Living TV
LIV2UK Living TV 2
MOR4More 4
Rad1BBC Radio 1
Rad2BBC Radio 2
Rad4BBC Radio 4
RSctBBC Radio Scotland
RUlsBBC Radio Ulster
RWalBBC Radio Wales
RTE1RTE1 (Irish)
RTR1RTE Radio 1 (Irish)
S4C S4C (analogue)
S4CDS4C Digidol
SCOTScottish / Grampian (ITV in Scotland)
SKY1Sky Onc
SKY3Sky Thrcc
TOONCartoon Network
TV3 TV3 (Irish)
TV5MTV5 Monde (Europe)
TG4 TG 4 (Irish)
UTV Ulster Television (ITV in Northern Ireland)

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