The Heat is On (1)



Keith Chegwin


Announcer: John Sachs


Transmedia for UK Living, 1997


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Key moments

Outtake alert: after Keith introduced Antony Worrall Thompson as the celebrity chef, he invited Antony to put his leg on a chopping board on the worktop, and show everyone his "kecks" (that is, his fancy trousers). Unfortunately, Antony put his leg on the board with so much speed and force that he pulled a muscle and fell to the floor, taking the board with him.

Theme music

Toby Langton-Gilks


In his Evening Standard column on 12 August 1997, Victor Lewis-Smith was less than complimentary about the show (and Cheggers in particular):

"The game ground to a start, with Mr Chegwin's mouth and arms working at a frantic pace, constantly moving things on although, paradoxically, nothing ever happened. Not content with reducing the subtle art of gastronomy to a sub-parlour game, he conducted interviews of breathtaking inanity, including this memorable exchange: "What will you do with the fish, girls?" "We'll poach it in something saucy." "What, like your socks?" That's not simply unamusing, that's a profound cortical malfunction. Still bewildered by the exotic presence of borlotti beans, he picked one out of the saucepan (the only time in the entire programme he ever had his finger on the pulse), tasted it and decided, "They're just like broad beans", thus confirming that this undiscriminating quiz had got the presenter it deserved."


A full episode.


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