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[[Category:Action and Adventure|Heist, The]]
[[Category:Action and Adventure|Heist, The]]
[[Category:Reality|Heist, The]]
[[Category:Reality|Heist, The]]
[[Category:Shine Productions|Heist, The]]
[[Category:Endemol Shine Productions|Heist, The]]
[[Category:Current|Heist, The]]
[[Category:Current|Heist, The]]
[[Category:Awaiting Review|Heist, The]]
[[Category:Awaiting Review|Heist, The]]

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Voiceover: Pip Torrens


Shine (part of EndemolShineGroup) for Sky One, 9 November 2018 to present


The Shine press office said,

In a picturesque town a group of law-abiding citizens embark on a journey into an extraordinary life of crime. They’ve been tipped off that a cash-in-transit van containing a large sum of money will be left unattended for a short amount of time. If they can successfully plan and execute a heist, and keep the loot hidden from a crack team of detectives for two weeks, it’s theirs to keep. But as news of the crime sweeps the town, investigators will stop at nothing to catch the thieves. Using modern policing techniques, they attempt to track down, arrest and charge those involved in the heist.

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Nick Harvey

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