The Love Bus



Zoe Salmon


Carbon Media for Fiver, 25 October 2010 to 16 February 2011 (10 episodes in 1 series)


Dating show in which a contestant looking for love boards and travels on a bus as it tours a large town or city. After a chat with the presenter about the type of person they like to or might like to date, the bus makes its first stop, where the first of the potential suitors boards the bus. This suitor has only the time it takes the bus to reach the next stop to impress. As the bus nears the next stop, the contestant looking for love must decide whether to let their current suitor stay on board, or else let them go and allow the suitor waiting at the next stop to come on board. If they allow the first suitor to stay on board, the bus speeds past the bus stop, meaning the suitor on the kerbside gets nothing more than a few seconds of themselves in a slightly embarrassing situation being broadcast on a reasonably obscure channel for their troubles. The programme then continues in the same fashion for another four bus stops. After the last bus stop, and towards the end of the journey, the contestant must decide whether to go on a date with whichever of the suitors is still on the bus, or else go on the date on their own.

It's an interesting twist on the dating format, and Zoe Salmon is a good host, being enthusiastic and bubbly which is what this type of programme requires. It was clearly made on a budget of little more than what it cost in petrol to drive the bus around for an hour or so, but to be fair, a big budget affair is not what was needed here, and it's nice to see Fiver (as was) including a game show within its small number of original commissions.

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Not to be confused with Love Bus, a regional production running from 2004-6.

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