The Raw Deal



Kaye Adams


James MacPherson, Siobhan Sinnott (team captains)


BBC Radio Scotland, 7 October - 25 November 2005 (8 programmes)


A panel game for teams of two, punctuated by some very loud music. Part of the BBC's RaW (Reading and Writing) initiative during 2005, which also gave the world two series of Star Spell.

Rounds included:

  • The Library Round - teams are quizzed on a book from a broad category (for instance, gardening, films, cookery.)
  • Specialist subject - the guests are quizzed about writers or vocabulary in their line of work.
  • Jargon - translate back into something more easily understandable.
  • Autobiography - name the person after hearing extracts from their writing.
  • The Quickfire Finale.


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