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[[Category:Family Game|Wheel, The]]
[[Category:Family Game|Wheel, The]]
[[Category:Hungry Bear Media|Wheel, The]]
[[Category:Hungry Bear Media Productions|Wheel, The]]
[[Category:Current|Wheel, The]]
[[Category:Current|Wheel, The]]
[[Category:Awaiting Review|Wheel, The]]
[[Category:Awaiting Review|Wheel, The]]

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Michael McIntyre


Hungry McBear Media for BBC One, 28 November 2020 to present


Here's a BBC billing:

Michael McIntyre hosts a game show packed with huge stars, big laughs and a colossal spinning wheel. Three contestants hope to answer their way to a fortune, guided by seven celebrity experts. Can the famous faces help them to win life-changing cash? That all depends on the spin of The Wheel.

This programme has not yet aired. A full review will appear here after broadcast.

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