Wall of Fame



David Walliams


Regular panellists:
Jack Dee
Tamara Ecclestone (episodes 1 & 2)
Sara Pascoe (episode 3 onwards)
Andrew Maxwell
Kate Garraway


CPL Productions for Sky1, 17 June 2011 to present


David Walliams hosts a news quiz, which sees the faces of 25 famous people shown on a giant video screen. All of the 25 have, for one reason or another, found themselves in the news that week. Two teams of three then attempt to answer questions based on the 25 famous people shown.

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In the same way that Sky1 piloted two sports-based game shows - A League of Their Own and It's Going to Penalties - before deciding which one to commission for a full series, Wall of Fame was also pitted against another news-based game show - Us vs. Them, hosted by Jack Dee - to see which one would be commissioned. Non-broadcast pilots were produced for both in March 2011, with Wall of Fame being chosen for a full series.

Although his pilot wasn't picked up for a full series, Jack Dee would go on to become a regular panellist on Wall of Fame.

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