What Is Normal?



Sara Pascoe and Aisling Bea


BBC Radio 2, 30 April 2018


The BBC press office tells us:

As part of Radio 2's Funny Fortnight, Sara Pascoe and Aisling Bea host this chat-show-panel-show hybrid that hammers out whether our quirks are perfectly acceptable, or just plain weird...
We've all got our foibles, haven't we? We all "like it the way we like it". But then, if we're aware of our foibles, we probably know how strange they must seem to everyone else. And then, in those quiet little moments, we sit and ask ourselves, "what's normal?"
Well, stop asking yourself - you're biased for a start. It's time to put it to the general public. And strap in - cos you might not like the answer...
Over the course of the programme, our guests will reveal a side of themselves that they may think is perfectly 'normal' but the rest of us think is absolutely absurd behaviour. The winner is the person deemed to be the 'most normal'.

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Aired as part of Radio 2's Funny Fortnight.

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