Who Repairs Wins



Adam Shaw


CPL Productions for Watch, 9 December 2014


A competitive building programme.

Six pairs of builders are sent text messages about a job. The first three to respond are allowed to bid on that job, and only one can actually carry out the work. Those builders hope to make a profit from their work.

A new job was offered each working day for a fortnight, allowing most players some time on screen. Builders had to choose whether they could fit this task in and complete it before the end of the time. The team making the most profit across the two-week competition won.

Can they fix it? Yes, and cheaper.

For a single hour, we found the programme had too many contestants. It was hard to relate to any of the players, and many of the building jobs were chosen because the client would look good on screen. A longer series, featuring the same cast of players, might have more appeal.

Theme music

Phase Music was credited as "composer".


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