David "Kid" Jensen

Emma Freud and ?


TVS for ITV, 1984-6


Junior contestants alternated answering questions, moving from their current location on the gameboard to an adjacent one (dots in the positions of larged cities on a map of the world, linked by lines as if by flight paths) for correct answers or earning moves by performing well in observational tests.

Fifteen correct answers were enough to take the child around the world and back to London, but the TV show's natural time limit usually beat the kid to it. Small prizes were earned by visiting a couple of designated destinations en route in order to inject a morcel of strategy.

A good show that was changed beyond all recognition when it was "trendied up" after Jensen left.


If memory serves right, the "destination boards" were done using BBC Micro graphics.

The original set had Jensen sort of hanging from the ceiling in a booth in the middle of the studio. Excellent!


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