Last Man Standing (1)

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Richard Hammond (Voiceover: 2007)

Ralf Little (2008)


BBC/Discovery Channel for BBC Three (also repeated on BBC Two), 26 June 2007 to 16 December 2008 (18 episodes in 2 series)


Six athletic types travel the world to take part in various "extreme" tribal contests and the one who's best at them is crowned "Last Man Standing". Although in the end there was a three-way tie and they just awarded it to whoever had the best haircut, or something. A second series also resulted in a tie, with the winner of the final event being declared the winner.

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The Complete First Series (DVD)


The Discovery Channel, the programme's American co-producer, created a further four episodes for the first series, which did not air in the UK.


The Village People tribute band was a big disappointment

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