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Morgan Jones & Nia Parry


Announcer: Rhys ap William


Al Fresco for S4C, 17th August 2008 - present


It's been a while since S4C last produced a prime time quiz show. This latest Friday night attempt pairs up a long-standing presenter of S4C's European football show Sgorio (Jones) with a famed and dare we say, patronising Welsh language tutor (Parry) to introduce this travel-oriented format.

Sixteen studio contestants answer questions on Wales with four moving onto a round about a different country. The other twelve competitors carry on taking part, hoping to replace the worst performing of the four at the end of every round. Winning a round will win the contestant £1,000 (£500 for coming 2nd, £250 for coming 3rd, not a dime for coming last) - winning every round guarantees a jackpot of £5,000 (something which sounds unlikely to happen). Only the winning studio competitor will win any money.

The studio winner then takes on an expat Walian, taking part from wherever in the world they happen to be. A win for the studio-bound champion wins a holiday but if the expat wins, they get on the first flight home to Wales to visit family and friends (although surely, they could book a flight themselves).

New in some way or other, but not a format that holds much promise. Not very well executed either in that we hear the same basic theme some 25 times in one show, are confronted with pointless fast cut VTs of the countries in question ahead of each round and that Nia Parry carelessly spends most rounds pacing up and down a walkway whilst poor old Morgan asks Which English town was made a city in 2002?. We could go much further into the unrequired necessities of this show but we've only got an article to do it in.

All in all, watch around ten minutes of this one-hour wonder and you'll probably be able to tell yourself exactly why S4C doesn't do much in the way of peak time quizzes. Still better than Tipit, though.

Theme music

Nigel Hopkins


The title translates as Only 1 (or literally, Nothing But 1).

Recorded at Enfys Studios, Cardiff.


Official site

Watch 0 Ond 1 at S4C Clic (English subtitles available)


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