All Together Now



Rob Beckett


Geri Horner


Remarkable Television (part of EndemolShine) for BBC One, 27 January 2018 to present


The competition where competitors sing in front of a mass audience of experts.

In this Saturday night show, singers perform in front of an audience. Unlike most other Saturday night shows, the audience aren't members of the public. No, this audience is made up of a hundred music experts and performers. The leader of The 100 is Geri Horner, previously known as Ginger Spice. (Ask yer ma.)

When people in The 100 hear something they like, they're to stand up and join in with the performer. The number of people who join in becomes the act's score. Best performers in weekly heats go through to the final, with a £50,000 prize for the overall winner.

This programme has not yet aired. A full review will appear here after broadcast.

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