Bill Bailey




Have I Got News for You (guest presenter)

Never Mind the Buzzcocks (team captain)

Space Cadets (team captain)


Long-haired comedian known for his musical bent and surreal flights of fancy. Hails from Bath and has acted in the sitcoms Wild West, Spaced and most famously Black Books. He trained as a classical musician until he decided to do stage comedy. One of his first sitcom roles was as Spinnij in "Tygo Road." Bailey did regular slots on "HIGNFY", "Space Cadets" and also the comic debate series "Head on Comedy" with Jo Brand. He replaced Sean Hughes on Buzzcocks in 2002.


His first name isn't really Bill. It's Mark.

He's asthmatic, and kept his inhaler with him on the Buzzcocks desk.

Apparently, he once took part in an unsuccessful panel game pilot for ITV called Pop Dogs. But we got that off Wikipedia, so don't go taking it as definitely true or anything.


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