E4 School of Performing Arts



Voiceover: Brian Blessed


Silver River for E4, 3 October to 7 November 2007 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Eight dancers, eight actors, and eight singer-songwriters, all aged 16-24, received training in their particular skill. Cameras were there to record the hard work, and exacerbate the stresses of twenty-four people living in a very small house. At the end of five weeks, the best in each category was given a scholarship to a centre of excellence.

Unlike Fame Academy, Pop Idol, Strictly Dance Fever, and I'm a Luvvie... Get Me Out of Here!, there was no telephone voting, and no way for the audience to influence the outcome.

Tutors on the programme included Bonnie Lythgoe, wife of Nigel; and Toby Jepson, formerly of rock band Little Angels.


The winners were awarded scholarships as follows:

  • Actors - James, Stephanie, and Maria - Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts
  • Dancers - Dan, Mark, and Lee - Italia Conti Academy
  • Singer/Songwriters - Graine and Tommy - Academy of Contemporary Music

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Image:E4 school of performing arts actors.jpgThe actors
Image:E4 school of performing arts street.jpgThe dancers
Image:E4 school of performing arts band.jpgThe musicians


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