For Love or Money (1)



Keith Fordyce (1959)

Bob Monkhouse (1959, 60)

Dickie Henderson (1960)

Des O'Connor (1961)


Ann Taylor (1959-60)
Julie Stevens (1961)

Voiceover: Barry Faber


ABC for ITV, 7 June 1959 to 27 August 1961 (92 episodes in 4 series)


Quiz whose main gimmick was that contestants could either take the offered prize (which equates to "love", for some reason) or gamble on winning a sum of money ranging from nine shillings to 9999 shillings (i.e. just short of £500), the amount decided by a random "flying shilling sign" on a display of four nines.

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Based on the 1958 US format of the same name.


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