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Programmes made by Associated British Corporation (ABC Television).

ABC was one of the original four ITV companies, along with Associated-Rediffusion, ATV and Granada. It began broadcasting to the Midlands at weekends on 18 February 1956 (with ATV on Mondays to Fridays) and to the North of England, also at weekends, on 5 May 1956 (with Granada on Mondays to Fridays).

In the 1967 ITV franchise round, the franchises were reorganised, the Midlands becoming a full-week operation (won by ATV) and the North of England split into the North West and Yorkshire, both also full-week operations (won by Granada and Yorkshire Television respectively). ABC applied for the London weekend franchise, but was beaten by London Weekend Television. To keep ABC in the network, the Independent Television Authority ordered a merger with Rediffusion, creating Thames Television.

ABC ceased broadcasting to the Midlands and the North of England on 28 July 1968, and Thames began broadcasting to London on Mondays to Fridays two days later.

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