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== Broadcast ==
== Broadcast ==
Granada London for ITV1, 2005  
Granada London for ITV1, 17th September 2005-29th October 2005

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Ant & Dec


Announcer: Peter Dickson


Granada London for ITV1, 17th September 2005-29th October 2005


To mark ITV's 50th anniversary (and also, we suspect, try out various old shows for a potential full-scale revival), Ant & Dec presented this series of one-off revivals during the autumn of 2005.

For more info, please see the pages for the individual shows:


Perhaps surprisingly, this umbrella format has actually been sold abroad. Granada have made a version for CBS, using old American game shows, FreMantle are to make a French version, and there's also a German version in the pipeline (we're pulling for Maus Res Auss, Riskier Was!, Punkt, Punkt, Punkt!, Die 100,000-DM Show, Glucksrad and Geh Aufs Ganze for that one, obviously).


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