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Howdy, I'm Jennifer Turner and I'm down as "sub-editor" of this thing. That means I make the sandwiches.

Beyond my involvement with this site I have no great gameshow-related claim to fame. Cathy Rogers once held a door open for me... um, that's it. Except that in the course of researching for this site I have discovered that I was at school with Marc Wootton, of whom I have no recollection whatsoever. That's even lamer than the door thing, really.

Useless stats I'll put here in case I want to know later: at the start of 2007, this site contained 1345 show pages (not counting disambiguation pages) and 518 people pages.

Some of the other people listed on the Credits page have their own user pages - why not see if you can find them too?

If you would like to help in editing the site, please check out the Join Us page.


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