Get Mucky



Charlotte Hindle


Tyne Tees for ITV, 3 May 1986 to 27 August 1988 (as part of Get Fresh)


Get Mucky was the gameshow element in ITV's Saturday morning travelling extravaganza Get Fresh.

Two teams of two kids played. Or rather one person played - the "boffin", whilst the other one - the "fall guy", risked getting gunged if their teammate lost.

Whoever had the highest score after ninety seconds of playing a computer game (Starglider on an Atari ST, or shoot-em-up Xenon on an Amiga) won. Their teammate got to pull the cord releasing a bucket of gunge over their opponent's head. And that's it.

Key moments

As we remember, for some reason the end-of-level boss would drain away their points.


"You're unlucky... so you're going to get MUCKY!!"


Xenon was created by The Bitmap Brothers.


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