Give Your Mate a Break


John Leslie (pilot)

Les Dennis


Granada for ITV, 29 August 1998 to 7 August 1999 (pilot + 6 episodes in 1 series)


Give Your Mate a Break... Yes, give him a Kit-Kat! Ha ha ha! Sorry.

Described at the time by critics as "Just like Stars in Their Eyes, but without the talent" this was indeed done by the same production team as SITE. People set their (apparently talented) friends up and then (the equally talented) John Leslie/Les Dennis surprises them, they come to the studio to be talented then buggered off back to obscurity.

It did have a Friends Like These-style extending stage, and the title could easily replace 'Pocket Money' as the third round in Big Break but that was about all it had going for it really. Sorry.


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