Hugh Dennis




6 Degrees of Separation

Fast and Loose

Have I Got News for You (guest host)

Mock the Week (regular panellist)

My Kitchen Rules (narrator)

The Name's the Same

Play it Again (narrator)

Pointless (guest co-host)

Taskmaster (participant)

What's My Line?


Comedian who got his big break as a regular cast member on Carrott Confidential in the late 80s. Further fame came as one-quarter of The Mary Whitehouse Experience, and he has continued to make topical satire on television and radio ever since as well as acting in sitcoms including My Hero and Outnumbered, alongside his future wife Claire Skinner.


His actual first name is Peter but Equity already had a Peter Dennis on their books, so he took to using his middle name instead. Which is Hugh, obviously.

He has been the regular comedy partner of Steve Punt since the mid-1980s, with credits including Canned Carrott, The Mary Whitehouse Experience and The Now Show. They also starred (along with Nick Hancock) in a 1992 ITV comedy series entitled 'Me, You and Him', which unfortunately proved neither very funny nor very successful.

Dennis has also proved highly adept as a narrator, most recently doing so on BBC1's excellent documentary series "Halcyon River Diaries", which featured Philippa Forrester, her wildlife cameraman husband Charlie Hamilton-James and their three young sons observing, filming and helping to conserve wildlife such as kingfishers, otters, water voles, dippers and moorhens.

One randomly turned up on an episode of Curious Creatures.

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