The Name's the Same



Raymond Glendenning (radio)

Bernard Braden (TV, original host)

Peter Martyn

Hugh Dennis (2005)


Permanent panelists: Frank Muir and Denis Norden, with Phyllis (Fanny) Cradock and Frances Day (radio), Brenda Bruce and Catherine Boyle (TV)


Goodson-Todman production for BBC Light Programme, 9 June to 22 December 1953

Goodson-Todman production for BBC Television Service, 29 December 1953 to 22 June 1954

BBC Four, 11 October 2005


A game in which the panel met someone who had a familiar name, such as Mr William Shakespeare, or Miss Penny Farthing. Their task was to guess that famous name by asking up to six questions each. At the start, the panellists took control of the questioning in turn but could pass control to someone else in line when they liked. The mystery names could be a person, place or thing.

Like What's My Line?, the programme was brought back for a one-off by BBC Four in 2005 as part of a season on British culture of the 1940s/50s. Hugh "The Grin" Dennis hosted, with a faux posh panel of Brian "Yeeees...." Sewell, Amanda "Think of the children" Platell, Amy "Night Czar" Lamé and Dave "Dave" Gorman.

Key moments

One time, the name of the person was Frank Muir, sharing his name with a member of the panel. This led to the following exchange:

"Are you on the panel?"
"Are you me?"

This trick was repeated in the 2005 one-off, with Brian Sewell.


This was a US format, one of the lesser entries on Mark Goodson's resume.

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