Kings of Comedy



Russell Brand


Matthew Rudge (narrator)


Endemol West for E4/Channel 4, 4 October to ? 2004


Eight comedians, four old-skool comedians, four new alternative comics, live and work together putting on a comedy show each night. The live audience vote each night for their favourite comic. The comic with the most votes over the week is that week's King of Comedy, the bottom three faced elimination. The King could save one of the bottom three, the other two were put to the public vote. Continue until one remains.

The winner was meant to get their own E4 show. Didn't seem to materialise.

Key moments

On one live show the phone lines stopped working and the eliminee was determined by a show of hands in the audience.

Theme music

James T. Lundie


The comics taking part were: Stan Boardman, Scott Capurro, David Copperfield, Janey Godley, eventual winner Boothby Graffoe, Andrew Maxwell, Katherine McQueen, Mick Miller and Ava Vidal.

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