Lee Mack

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[[Duck Quacks Don't Echo]]
[[Duck Quacks Don't Echo]]
[[Gaby's Talking Picutres]] (team captain, pilot)
[[Gaby's Talking Pictures]] (team captain, pilot)
[[Have I Got News for You]] (guest host)
[[Have I Got News for You]] (guest host)

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Duck Quacks Don't Echo

Gaby's Talking Pictures (team captain, pilot)

Have I Got News for You (guest host)

Let's Play Darts (participant)

Never Mind the Buzzcocks (guest host)

They Think it's All Over

Would I Lie to You? (team captain)


Stand-up comedian whose other TV credits include ITV's The Sketch Show and the BBC1 sitcom Not Going Out, in both of which he starred alongside Tim Vine.


In his youth, he was a stable lad at the stables which housed champion racehorse Red Rum.

He adopted the stagename "Mack" as a shortened form of his full surname, McKillop.


Avalon Management, 4a Exmoor Street, London W10 6BD UK

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