Marti Caine




Bullseye (hostess, 1988 Christmas special)

Joker in the Pack

New Faces (contestant and host)

Your Best Shot


Born in Sheffield as Lynne Shepherd, Marti Caine started out as a comedian playing in working men's clubs at the age of 18, before achieving national fame twelve years later by winning New Faces. Later achievements included a sitcom, Marti, and a three-year stint as host of the revived New Faces.

She was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1988 and given two years to live, but carried on working until 1992. Defiant to the end (she once joked, "chemo's a piece of cake after BBC coffee"), she died in 1995, aged 50.


She was put on a United Nations blacklist after performing in Sun City, South Africa in 1982.

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