Your Best Shot



Marti Caine


OB reporter: Frances Dodge


BBC1, 8 January to 5 February 1993 (5 episodes in 1 series)


Major Friday-night flop, which slunk off the airwaves after just five weeks.

People and teams were challenged to do wild and crazy things under the watchful eye of Marti Caine who deserved better, especially as it was her final series before her unfortunate death.

One section called Your Best Bet had families gambling old possessions (which were bundled off to charity) for shiny new ones by answering some questions correctly.

Also, a celeb swapped places with a member of the public (why?), two people who shared the same job challenged each other, and members of the public were brought up on stage to take part in various pointless quizzes for prizes made up of book tokens.

We remember one episode where two teams were challenged to reduce a car into small bits and post as much of it through a letterbox, for some reason. This one task was later the basis for an entire format in Demolition.


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