Pop Quiz



Mike Read (original series + 1994 special)

Chris Tarrant (1994 series)


BBC 1, 4th July 1981-28th December 1984 (45 programmes)

Special: BBC1, 4 January 1994

BBC 1, 21 May to 9 July 1994 (8 programmes)


Pop quiz where the contestants were celebrities.

In January 1994, Read came back to present a one-off special for the Top of the Pops 30th anniversary. In the rest of 1994, Mr Pilot at the time, Chris Tarrant, presented a further new series.


A Mike Read Pop Quiz game was available at the time, which came with a free poster of the Readmeister himself to Blu-tak to your toilet bedroom wall.

There was also one of those travel card games that were popular in the 80s (remember the Blockbusters "Gold Run" game?) and a series of tape cassette/book combos.

A series of tape cassette/book combos


Duran Duran find Mike's questions about as easy as a nuclear war
Classic-era host Mike Read
Revival host Chris Tarrant


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