Pure Strength



Dougie Donnelly (1987)

Alison Holloway (1988-9)

John Taylor (1990)


Judge: Geoff Capes (1988-90)


Grampian (regional), 10 September 1987 (networked repeat 21 December)

Creative Action, Grampian and Thames for ITV, 12 September 1988 to 27 September 1989

Pro-Active for Eurosport, 1990


For reasons we're not sure about, there was no World's Strongest Man contest in 1987 and thus, Huntly Castle in Aberdeenshire played host to what has since been regarded as the phantom WSM contest - a three-way battle between Jon Pall Sigmarsson, Bill Kazmaier and Geoff Capes which saw the late Sigmarsson take the Budweiser Trophy by a mile (winning eight out of the ten events).

Pure Strength was deemed successful enough to return as an international team event for the following two years.


Incidentally, whilst Grampian produced the 1987 event (Pure Strength '87), Thames would cover the 1988 tournament (Pure Strength II) from Arlington Castle in Kent. Both companies produced the 1989 event (Pure Strength III).

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