So You Think...?



Cliff Michelmore


Magnus Magnusson (most episodes)


BBC, 24 August 1965 to 1984


Umbrella title for a long-running series of one-off pencil-and-paper tests, in which Cliff Michelmore ("brisk and schoolmasterish" said The Times in 1968) set posers about the topic of the programme. Three teams answered the questions in the studio; by the late 1970s, this had become three or four celebrity couples. Coupons were often printed in the Radio Times so that viewers could play along at home.

Episode List

  • ...You Can Drive? (1965)
  • ...You Know Your Rights? (1966)
  • ...You Can Manage Your Money? (1967)
  • ...You Know What's Happening? (1968)
  • ...You Know What's Good For You? (1968)
  • ...You Know About Children? (1969)
  • ...You Can Survive Your Holiday? (1969)
  • ...You Know About the New Laws (1970)
  • ...You Can Drive In 1970? (1970)
  • ...You're Kind To Animals? (1970)
  • ...You Know Britain? (1971)
  • ...You're A Good Driver? (1973)
  • ...You're Safe At Home? (1974)
  • ...You Know Your Rights? (1975)
  • ...You Know About Love? (1976)
  • ...You Know About Europe? (1979)
  • ...You Know About Christmas? (1980)
  • ...You Can Drive? (1981)
  • ...You Know About Royalty? (1981)
  • ...You're Safe At Home? (1981)
  • ...You Know What's Good For You? (1982)
  • ...You Know Your Rights? (1982)
  • ...You Can Believe Your Eyes? (1983)
  • ...You're Switched On? (1984)

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