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This week sees the start of One Man and His Dog (BBC2 Saturday), a Scandinavian jaunt on Coach Trip (C4, 5pm weekdays), and Celebrity Eggheads (BBC2, 6pm Mo-Th). Specials include The Only Connect Connecting Walls Night (BBC4, from 8.30 Mon), I Had the X Factor 25 Years Ago (BBC2, 9pm Mon), They Shoot Horses Don't They (Radio 2, 10pm Wed), and The Big Quiz (ITV, 9pm Fri). Wrapping up are Masterchef The Professionals (BBC2, Mo-Th), Masterchef Australia (Watch, Su-Mo), Young The Apprentice (BBC1, 9pm Mo), and Countdown bids Jeff Stelling goodbye (C4, 3.10 weekdays).

Schedules subject to change.

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Saturday 10 December

0610WTCHThe Weakest Link x2
0825CBBCThe Slammer
0955TG4Wipeout Usa
1000TOONBen 10 Ultimate Challenge
1100Rad5Fighting Talk
1120TV3Popstar to OperastarAs seen in the UK over the summer.
1400ITV2Xtra Factor x5Highlights of the series so far. This takes five hours? HD.
1530TV5Questions Pour un Champion
1555C4Come Dine With Me x5HD.
1600CBBCStreet Dance Stars
1730BBC2One Man and His Dog New!From Balmoral Castle. Scotland 1530. Concludes next Saturday.
1800ITVThe ChaseJanet Street-Porter, Mark Durden-Smith, Joe Pasquale, Austin Healey. HD. Also TV3, as The Celebrity Chase.
1830BBC1Strictly Come DancingWith additional commentary on BBCi.
2000ITVThe X FactorTen thousand people can't be wrong. Gary Barlow can. Also TV3. Xtra Factor follows on ITV2 and TV3. HD.
2015RTE1Winning Streak
2300Rad4Brain of Britain

Sunday 11

0615WTCHThe Weakest Link
0900DAVEDragons' Den
0935MOR4Scrapheap Challenge x4
1100Rad5History Repeats Itself
1204Rad4I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue
1340ITVThe X FactorRepeat from last night. HD. TV3 1100.
1525BBC1A Question of SportNot Scotland.
1600CBBCStreet Dance StarsA different ep BBC-HD 1645.
1630CITVJungle Run
1650C4Deal or No DealAudioD.
1705Mor4Come Dine With Me x5
1800WTCHTotal Wipe Us Out
1800PICKFour Weddings
1830ITVThe CubeNeil and Luke face challenges including "Barrier". HD.
1830TV3Family Fortunes
1855BBC1Strictly Come DancingThe results, at an earlier time. HD.
1900WTCHMasterchef Australia
1915Rad4DilemmaJohn Finnemore, Danielle Ward, Alun Cochrane, Ann Leslie.
1930TG4An Jig Gig
1930ITVThe X FactorWhat? It's the grand final? HD. Also TV3. Xtra Factor follows on ITV2, and TV3.
2100DAVEArgumentalArdal O'Hanlon and Richard Herring. HD.
2240DAVEMock the Week
2330BBC1Have I Got A Bit More Old News for YouHD. Scot 0010, Wales 0030, NI 0015 Mo-Tu.
2330BBC2Never Mind the Buzzcocks

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0800ITV3Dickinson's Real Deal
1000CBBCBlast Lab
1125CBBCTrapped: Ever AfterSigned We, Th.
1155CBBCJunior MasterchefSigned We, Th.
1215BBC1Bargain Hunt
1400ITVMay the Best House Win
1410CBBCThe Slammer
1415BBC2The Weakest LinkScot not We.
1435MOR4Come Dine With Me
1500ITVDickinson's Real DealHD.
1505MOR4Coach Trip
1510C4CountdownJon Culshaw, for Finals Week.
1530TV5 Questions Pour un Champion
1600C4Deal or No DealAudioD.
1600BBC1Alesha's Street Dance StarsHD.
1700C4Coach Trip New!Lapland. HD.
1700ITVBest Dish - The ChefsHTV, Border. HD.
1730C4Come Dine With MeThe Kent Riviera (!). HD.
1800BBC2Celebrity Eggheads New!Mon: Sports stars; Tu: women; We: The Eastenders; Th: Reality stars (and Lembit Öpik). Not Fr. Also BBC-HD.
1830BBC2Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes TwoFri 1800.
1850MOR4Come Dine With Me
22004Mus8 Out of 10 CatsMo-We only.

Monday 12

0930Rd4XJest a Minute
1500Rad4Brain of Britain
1730RTE2Ultimate Street Challenge
1830Rad4I'm Sorry I Haven't a ClueTo Watford, where Andy Hamilton entertains, and Jack Dee is in the chair.
1900WTCHMasterchef AustraliaIt's the end of the end of the series!
1930BBC1A Question of SportJoe Calzaghe, Michael Vaughan, Adrian Lewis, and Brad Friedel play "spot the sexist". HD. Scotland only; England, Wales 2235, NI 2305.
2000BBC2University ChallengePembroke Cambridge v Nottingham
2030BBC4Only Connect SpecialWall Night, a pair of programmes on the Connecting Wall. Concludes 2200.
2030BBC2Masterchef The ProfessionalsFinals week. BBC-HD 2200.
2100BBC1Young The ApprenticeThe final. HD.
2100TV3The ApprenticeThe semi-final. The Apprentice You're Fired follows at 2220, and Behind the Scenes on 3e at 2300.
2100BBC2I Had the X Factor 25 Years Ago SpecialWhatever happened to New Faces of '86? Also BBC-HD.
2200BBC2Never Mind the BuzzcocksJimmy Osmond, Tom Parker, Caroline Flack, Charlie Baker.
2200CHALBritain's Strongest Man 2011
2305E4Sorority GirlsFlouncing out. HD.

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Tuesday 13

0240BBC1Masterchef The ProfessionalsSigned.
1400DAVEDragons' Den
1900BBC3Total Wipeout
2000BBC2Masterchef The ProfessionalsAlso BBC-HD.
2000E4ShipwreckedGoing ... going. HD.
2000ITVHigh StakesLast in the present series. UTV 2305. HD.
2000TV3Celebrity Come Dine With Me Christmas Special
2100LIVBritain and Ireland's Next Top Model UsMedina. HD.
2100LIV2The Biggest Loser Australia New!More cricket coverage.
2200DAVEMock the Week
2200E4Tool AcademyHD.
2320DAVEHave I Got News for You

Wednesday 14

0320BBC1Masterchef The ProfessionalsSigned.
0420C4Scrapheap ChallengeBlow football. Signed.
1800DAVEWould I Lie to You?
1900BBC3Hot Like UsHighlights, padded to an hour.
2000BBC2Masterchef The ProfessionalsAlso BBC-HD.
2000SKYAThe Devil's Dinner Party"You say the nicest things," writes Count Dracula. "More red wine?"
2030TG4Ceist GAA le Hector
2100DAVEHave I Got a Bit More News for You
2100S4CRhydianWith Mark Evans.
2140DAVEMock the Week
2200WTCHBallroom with the B-listHD.
2200Rad2They Shoot Horses Don't They SpecialThe story of the dance marathon.
2245BBC1Would I Lie to You?NI 2315, not Wales.

Thursday 15

0345BBC1Masterchef The ProfessionalsSigned.
0930Rd4xThe 99p Challenge
1830ITV2Family FortunesHD.
1900DAVEDragons' DenHD.
2000BBC2Masterchef The ProfessionalsThe grand final. Also BBC-HD.
2030ITV2The X Factor UsHD.
2100LIVFour Weddings UsAnd a talking parrot, not called John. HD.
2200DAVEArgumentalTim Vine and Steven Mangan. HD.
2200C5It's All About AmyThis week, Amy Childs is in Dubai. Remember, Piers Moron's talking at Peter Andrex on ITV.
2240DAVEMock the Week

Friday 16

1510C4CountdownThe end of the Jeff Stelling era.
1800TOONBen 10: Ultimate Challenge
1800BBC2Strictly Come Dancing It Takes TwoLast in the series.
1840DAVEDragons' DenHD.
1900RWalJest a MinuteA repeat from 2009.
2000WTCHWipeout USAAlso TG4 1755.
2000BBC2MastermindGeorge Orwell, Francis Walshingham, The West Wing, Valley of the Kings. Also BBC-HD.
2000C4Come Dine With MeHerefordshire. HD.
2100ITV2The X Factor Us
2100BBC1Have I Got News for YouWith Jack Whitehall and Countdown's Nick Hewer. HD.
2100ITVThe Big Quiz: Corrie Versus Emmerdale SpecialStephen Mulhern keeps order in what may not be a game show. HD. Also TV3.
2100DISCOne Man ArmyScary challenges for people who fear nothing.
2140DAVEMock the Week
2200BBC2QIiShow A Clip Show. Not Scotland. Also BBC-HD.
2310C4Chris Moyles' Hollywood Stars Quiz NightJohn Barrowman, Jimmy Carr, Pixie Lott. Subject to delay if the Comedy Awards goes to extra laughs or chortles from the penalty mark. HD.
0205BBC1Masterchef The ProfessionalsSigned.

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Channel abbreviations

4MUS4 Music
ABSRAbsolute Radio
ARTSSky Arts
BBC1BBC1 (Network unless otherwise noted)
BBC2BBC2 (Network unless otherwise noted)
BORDBorder (ITV in Cumbria and south-west Scotland)
C4 Channel 4
C5 Channel 5
CLASClassic FM (Radio)
DISNDisney Channel
DRT Discovery Real Time
ESP2Eurosport 2
FDNTFood Network
HTV HTV (ITV in Wales; Wales only unless noted)
ITV ITV1 (Network unless otherwise noted)
LIV Sky Living
LIV2Sky Living It
MOR4More 4
Rad1BBC Radio 1
Rad2BBC Radio 2
Rad3BBC Radio 3
Rad4BBC Radio 4
Rad5BBC Radio 5
Rd4XBBC Radio 4Xtra
RCymBBC Radio Cymru
RSctBBC Radio Scotland
RUlsBBC Radio Ulster
RWalBBC Radio Wales
RTE1RTE1 (Irish)
RTE2RTE2 (Irish)
RTR1RTE Radio 1 (Irish)
S4CDS4C Digidol
SKY1Sky 1
SKY2Sky 2
SKYASky Atlantic
STV STV (ITV1 in North and Central Scotland)
TLKSTalk Sport (radio)
TV3 TV3 (Irish)
TV5 TV5 Monde (Europe)
TG4 TG 4 (Irish)
UTV Ulster Television (ITV1 in Northern Ireland)

AudioD - Audio Description for the blind.

HD - Also shown in high-definition.

Signed - in-vision British Sign Language translation.

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