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== Host ==
== Host ==
Bill Dod
[[Bill Dod]]
== Broadcast ==
== Broadcast ==

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Bill Dod


BBC 1, 3 January 1995 to 2 February 1996 (73 episodes in 2 series)


Near-perfect lunchtime general knowledge quiz where the main gimmick was that the three Joe Bloggs contestants won or lost time, rather than points.

First round questions were based on the participant's own hobbies. A clever clock-based word game worked well, if rather over-taxed the brain straight after lunch. However, we'd seen the "dirty tricks" final round before in Runway (another Action Time show, incidentally).

A game of Timekeepers in action

The end-game for a place on the leader board was extremely rapidfire, but completely failed to make use of the time the contestant had previously "won" in the game, which is possibly a poor decision.

Key moments

Dod's excellent firm-but-fair hosting - no ajudicators needed here, thank you very much. (And yes, it is Dod, not Dodd.)

Master of time - Bill Dod


Created by Toby Freeman and Stephen Leahy.


The title graphics for the show won an award at the Houston Worldfest - whatever that is.

Screenshot from the opening titles


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