Wake Up In The Wild Room



Dave Benson Phillips


Buena Vista Productions and GMTV for ITV, 13 April 1996 to 7 March 1998


A Saturday Morning kids show airing cartoons, but padded out with a gunge-based gameshow involving two teams of kids completing tasks around a large crazy house (sounds like Crazy Cottage to me!)

The games were played in each room of the house (Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen etc etc), games often involved gunge and large oversized objects.

Geez, Crazy Cottage didn't look wonky like this during their era.

The final game was played with the winning team, within 60 seconds they had to throw dirty socks at the open windows at the front of the house to try and knock over pictures of people in the windows, if they hit the picture of "Gary The Ghost" he would appear and custard pie the contestants, in the style of The Phantom Flan Flinger from Tiswas

GARGH! I'M A SCARY GHOST! Nah, It's just me...Gary!

Theme music

Paul Joyce


Clips from a 1996 episode.


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