Wife of the Week



Christopher Biggins


Yorkshire Television for Galaxy, 30 April to 17 October 1990 (also included in BSB test transmissions, so technically broadcast earlier)

Yorkshire Television for Sky One, 11 December 1990 to 1992


The Biggins hosted this show, filmed in Yorkshire TV's Leeds studio. The aim of the game was to be the best wife of the week. This included two poor women pitted against each other in such games as "ironing" and "washing up" - who said the 1950s were dead and buried?

The winner of the daily show won the brand new apron. The Monday to Thursday winners then competed on Friday for the grand prize of, wait for it, a rolling pin that said 'Wife of the Week' on it. Cunningly, it was actually written back-to-front so that when you rolled out your pie top, it read 'Wife of the Week' the right way round!


Original format by Gold Lame Entertainment


Carol Pickett tells us:

My husband and I were contestants on this show. I remember taking some eggs (from our hens that we kept at the time) and presenting them to Christopher Biggins during the show. I also remember myself and another contestant kissing Christopher on his cheeks, before the show started, and him running off shouting "make up!". We shouldn't have done it but we had been slowly getting drunk in the "Green Room" earlier! I also remember him asking what something was and giving three examples, I buzzed and said "apples" and it was potatoes. We had to do a re-take 'cos Christopher missed it the first time round. Apparently this particular one was shown two Christmases running, as some pupils from my husband's school had seen it and given him a bit of "ribbing" for it when school started again.


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